Conflict Management Styles Specialist

Nicky Castles

Conflict Management Styles Specialist 

Conflict Coach

Harmonious Efficiency

Strength Through Diverse Thinking

Using The Right Conflict Management Styles Saves Cost

The inefficiency of conflict is in cash, waste, rework, poorly made decisions, late project deliveries and poor quality.

What I Do

• I identify the locus of conflict
• Then I develop and implement interventions using the correct conflict management styles
• I stop the conflict reoccurring

How I do it

• I use a variety of diagnostic models to identify the locus of the conflict and the underlying themes causing dissatisfaction
• I use a variety of conflict management styles to resolve conflict within departments, between departments, between individuals, in teams and through-out organisations
• I remove the cost of conflict
• I teach and coach individuals, groups, teams and leaders in conflict resolution styles to transfer. knowledge and to shift behaviours to ensure that your organisation remains harmonious and efficient.


I am UK based and work with my clients both face-to-face and virtually over Skype and Zoom.


Conflict Resolution

Often new or existing teams find themselves unproductive because there is conflict in the team. This is sometimes arguments, but it can also seem like people have “checked out” or say “yes” but mean “no”. I help the teams identify their story and come up with ways to use their conflicting ideas to their advantage. Conflict becomes creativity.


Longer Coaching Journeys

A big chunk of my clients stay with me for long journeys. These people aren’t looking for someone who will simply create a to-do list and drive them through it. They are looking for a partner to help them in the longer term to have more fulfilling lives. These are the people that I make the most difference to.

About Nicky

These are the reasons you SHOULD hire me:

These are the reasons you WILL hire me:

  •  I’m a lover of people, a lover of trees and an eater of sweets.
  • I love my cat and my family, warm fluffy blankets.
  • If you know me well, you’ll probably end up swearing more than your mother would approve of.
  • I listen
  • I avoid judging people
  • I get a kick out of helping people explore what’s right for them
  • I’m compassionate
  • I’m kind
  • I help you see and live your potential
  • I’m funny and irreverent
  • I’m can spot power and rank issues at a hundred meters
  • I can see the things that are not being spoken about
  • I help leaders with overly analytical styles to improve their people skills
  • I like working with the clever, difficult people that have you at the end of your tether

What People Say

“Nicky really commits herself to the people she works with and also creates safe boundaries where one can feel not judged and reflect on “personal truths”. With Nicky’s assistance I managed to re-interpret my life story where there is now more grace and understanding and harmony.”

Betsy Van Rooyen

Senior Manager, Financial Institution

I started engaging Nicky when i was feeling very low. My self esteem was at an all time low. I was just not feeling good enough because of challenges in my relationship. This was affecting my general wellbeing and self worth and confidence. My business was also on the verge of growth and starting to arrange investors and i wanted to also go after big contracts. Over the few months i got to really come to terms with what my own narrative has been all along, what my thoughts were and what informed them, then i could start choosing different thoughts. I got to know myself as a powerful force that can attract good things including abundance. i got to know and believe that i am worthy of all that i desire. That has also now changed my business and now have closed the deal with big shot investors and also got a contract with one of if not the biggest food company in SA. My relationship is not where i want it yet but i got to know also what is my responsiblity and what is not. I know that for it to improve i must work on myself and allow my partner to do the same.

Dr Dulcy Rakumakoe

CEO, U-Care

Nicky is a Life saver for me on more than one level… Corporate Life is stressful and Nicky taught me valuable techniques to deal with everyday stress. As a manager I also grew tremendously. I have been able to achieve balance between work and personal life.

Marissa Van Straaten

Head: Legal Collections, Nedbank Retail Relationship Banking

Corporate Clients

Work With Me

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